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Professional Development

Effective communication is the key to successful teams and productive relationships.

Individual and Team Communication Skills

Through the comprehensive Insights  Discovery program, participants gain skills to which leads to improved communication and enhanced productivity.


Amplify is a Licensed Practitioner, in partnership with Fuse - Igniting Communication, to offer workshops virtually or in person, ranging from introductory sessions to full-day, interactive learning experiences.


Topics include:

  • Up-level Your Leadership: Shift Your Communications, Increase Your Connections

  • De-coding Customers: Tailor Communications to Fuel Results

  • Boost Team Effectiveness: Cultivate Collaboration & Diminish Discord

CLICK HERE for an overview of Insights    Discovery. Custom workshops available.

"I am definitely learning how to work better with varying types of people. Once you realize everyone is fundamentally different, it is easier not to take things so personally."


- Samantha, Event Planner

"The information on different communication styles will definitely be helpful! My business is all about relationships, so this exercise is especially beneficial for me."


– Mack, Financial Advising Consultant 

Over 40% of workers cited poor communication as the cause of reduced trust, both in leadership and in their team. (, 2023)

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